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Bhola engineers Pvt Ltd  provides large-diameter  valves for use in natural gas, LNG, crude oil and refined products transmission lines as well as in many other general industrial applications. Rigorously tested, field-proven and backed by superior aftermarket service,  BEPL  valves are an advanced design of Top Entry ball valves, manufactured in a wide range of diameters and pressure classes. 

In the standard versions the valves are suitable for transmission pipelines, pumping, compression and re-injection units, offshore platforms, onshore terminals, pig traps, measuring stations and surge relief skids. 

Whenever ball valves are used in critical service applications, in-situ field reparability with quick turnaround is often needed.

 BEPL valves are full in-line field repairable, thus eliminating long down times. Our  valves have complete flexibility in the use of materials for body, trim and seal gasket selections. For this reason, they can be trimmed to meet your most severe applications.And also BEPL  valves are sized to withstand the external loads from the pipeline or from the manifolds even when the bonnet, the ball and the seats are removed for maintenance. They can also be welded directly onto the pipeline or the manifold assembly. The bonnet-body construction allows the use of various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys thus complying with most severe service conditions. BEPL  Top Entry Ball Valves can also be adapted for special applications such as abrasive fluids, low temperature service, sequencing service  low and high temperature, subsea installations and LNG plants  


  • Double Block and Bleed
  • Emergency Sealant Injection
  • Fire Safe Design Stem
  • Extension
  • Anti Blow Out Stem
  • Pipe Extension (Pup Piece)
  • Anti-Static Device
  • Actuator and Accessories
  • Self Lubricated Bearings
  • Weld Overlays
  • Multiple Stem Sealing Bolted and Adjustable Stem Gear Operator Packing's

Design & Testing Standards

Design & Manufacturing :

ASME B16.34, API 6D

Face to Face :

ASME B16.10 / API 6D

Flange Dimensions :

ASME B16.5 / B16.47

Butt Weld Ends :

ASME B16.25 / B31.3
B31.4 / B31.8

Pressure Test :

API 6D / API 598 / BS
EN 12266 PART 1 & 2

Fire Safe Test :

API 607 / API 6FA / BS
EN ISO 10497

Fugitive Emission Test :

ISO 15848 / MESC 77/312

Material : NACE MR 01-75 compliant