Bhola Engineers Pvt Ltd follow all the safety procedures. All safety precautions are carried out while testing. Test benches are equipped with computerized data logging for continuous monitoring & performance analysis for all products tested. All our test methods are approved by various customers and also approved by various third party inspector. We have state of art pressure testing machine with maximum testing pressure up to 35,000 PSI. 

All our valve test benches are designed in such a way that pressure testing class from 150 # to 2500 # can be carried out. We are equipped with TYPE testing facility as per ASTM F1387 for Instrumentation Tube Fittings with maximum pressure at 35,000PSI. We can perform testing like Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Type Test, Nitrogen Test, Low Temperature Testing, Helium Leak  Test , Impulse Test, Flexure  Fatigue Test, Tensile Test , Hydrostatic Burst Test , Rotary Flex Test , Thermal Cycling Test, Vibration Test.